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  1. You may use upper and lower case in all fields; the search will convert to upper case.
  2. Wild cards are permissible in most searches and examples appear where they are applicable. An * will match zero or more characters and a ? will match one character.
  3. Wild cards are permissible. Example, SM?TH will find: SMITH, SMYTH, SMYTHE, and SMITHSONIAN whereas SM*H will locate SMOOTH, SMITH, and SMYTH .
  4. If searching for one individual, enter the last name, an *, and then the first name. Example: smith*john.
  5. Using % (percent sign) or _ (underscore) within the name may produce unpredictable results.
  6. If you copied the search criteria from one of the other reports, pasted it into the search box, and the search fails this may be because of the way your browser treats multiple spaces. Try eliminating all but the first word in your search criteria and searching again.

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